Auckland Bitcoin Meetup

Every Tuesday, from 6:30pm-11:00pm, at The Dog's Bollix Pub, 2 Newton Road, Auckland, a Bitcoin meetup is held where bitcoin, and other crypto currency, enthusiasts meet to discuss and network. Come along and discuss anything cryptocurrency related and support The Dog's Bollix by buying food and drinks.

Bitcoin ATM - Auckland

The Auckland Bitcoin ATM that was located at The Dog's Bollix Bar is no longer available.

Beware of scams

Be careful of people trying to steal your money by getting you to buy bitcoin and send it to them overseas. Especially if you are new to bitcoin and/or they are unknown to you. Here are some possible signs that you are being scammed:

These are all warning signs. If you're not buying bitcoin for yourself, be aware you are probably being taken advantage of.

Buying/Selling Bitcoin and Altcoins online

For buying or selling bitcoin or altcoins online, Easy Crypto is a great service. Transactions can be done through your New Zealand based bank account.

If you prefer using an exchange to trade bitcoins, Kiwi-Coin has been operating for a while in New Zealand, has good volume, and can do deposits and withdrawals via an NZ bank account, or person to person.

Online Spot Prices

For details on current prices through the various NZ exchanges, CryptoSpot, covers bitcoin and altcoins.

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